Sunday, April 26, 2015

You Make My Tail Wag

It's a Clean and Simple Sunday with this little hound dog, and he's headed to the Sketch Challenge at My Favourite Things.

Where else would you want to go on a Sunday?

I do love designing CAS cards, I really do.  They're honestly my absolute favourite cards to make, and this one was no exception.

First of all, the little hound reminds me of my "heart dog", Trap.  Trap was a retired greyhound that we adopted from Florida.  He was three when we got him (he was a terrible racer and retired early), and then we had to let him go 5 years later as he was suffering from cancer.

I miss that guy to this day.


I'm off on another sketch challenge, and I think I've followed the sketch more closely than I usually do.

There weren't a lot of materials used for this one, making the term "simple" more apropos!

And simple is good these days!  It's AprilMayJune at school, (teachers will completely understand my lack of spaces there) and things are CRRAAAAZY as they are every year at this time.  Add in there that I teach grades 7 and 8 - which means that the grade eights will be having their graduation and us wonderful teachers do all the work and planning for that, the year end 3-day trip is coming up, which I'm planning, and we're trying to cram everything in before we run out of time.  There' a million other things going on in the school as well, and...  well...  it's just a ridiculous time of year.

Its was really nice to sit down and have some ME time in my craft room!

So, the video is below!  Give it a watch to see how the card came together!

See you next time!

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